Full Service Styling & Decorations

This option is for the hands-off souls. It allows you time to tend to other aspects of the event and fully enjoy it without worrying about the details.

Once we have worked with you to map out your vision, we get to work creating the elements for your event. We consult with you as needed for approvals along the way, but leave you free from managing the details and logistics.

We source, create and style everything from florals, ceiling draping, fairy lights, chandeliers, room lighting, backdrops and backgrounds, table settings, linens, to flowers and centrepieces.

If it’s a wedding you’re planning, we also take care of the bridal flowers and ceremony styling for you.

On the day of the event, our professional team will work with your venue and other vendors, we set up and take down giving you the opportunity to focus your energy on your guests and making memories.

Details Styling and Decorations

This option best suits a client who wants to make a statement through subtle elements.

We style your event from our extensive existing collection of materials, decorations and accessories, combined with floral and all the amenities that your venue has to offer. The result is a reflection of your style and vision that creates the atmosphere for a fabulous event.

As part of the process we will also advise you on colours and styling and other options that you may not have considered.

On the day of the event, we set up and take down giving you the opportunity to focus your energy on the event and guests.

Self Styling Hire

We now offer a limited selection of our range for Hire – over the years we have collected and amassed an assortment of linens, vases, mirrors, candle holders, votives and more. These are now available for DIY hire. This option is best for the clever clients who want to give styling and decorating a go.

If you’d like to know what our clients think about our work, please read their testimonials on our Testimonials page by clicking HERE.

We’re here to help make your special day everything you wanted – and more. All you have to do is to contact us:

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