It’s so hard to decide which wedding to write about and share. We genuinely love all our weddings and not only because each couple and their story is unique. But also because their circumstances and those surrounding the wedding are unique. And the above image is from our recent Southern Highlands wedding.

We face creative challenges with every wedding that we do because we strongly believe that if we aren’t challenging ourselves to do better with each wedding and event. Then we are simply not bringing our A game and doing the very best that we could.

So it has been decided that I shall follow my gut and post about the wedding that first pops into mind (Ha! Very technical you see). I would like to introduce you to the Wedding of Emma + Tom – a southern highlands wedding.

A Southern Highlands Wedding

The reason why this wedding came to mind is yesterday I did a road trip to the Southern Highlands. It was beautiful and wet and drizzly (if you hurry you can still catch some of my posts on my instagram stories HERE). Everything you would expect from the hilly beauty that is the southern highlands. Although I’m assured by the venue that this is not normal weather.

“We generally have a very dry summer and autumn” says Kathy my venue guide. As we trudge through the surrounding gardens in our gum boots and giant umbrellas.

It’s easy to see why any bride would fall in love with having their wedding down here.

The Southern Highlands are a beautiful lush green part of NSW that feel like a very special secret. It is the perfect location for a destination wedding – without actually having to leave the country.

And one of our absolute favourite venues is the gorgeous Bendooley Estate. As featured in the images captured so effortlessly by the fabulous Hilary Cam Photography.

We have quite a few weddings down this way in the past couple of years. The area is definitely booming “destination Southern Highlands Wedding” is something we hear often from our Sydney brides to be.

The Options

There are so many beautiful venues to get married in the Southern Highlands and surrounding areas. If you are concerned about weather – outdoor wedding ceremonies aren’t the only option at many of these venues. I would strongly suggest going on a road trip to the Southern Highlands for your wedding and exploring the local area. The people are so wonderful and there’s nothing like a cheeky weekend away from Sydney disguised as wedding planning.

Wedding Gown La Sposa Group - Decorations by Jelena
Suave Groom - Decorations by Jelena
The Bridal Bouquet - Decorations by Jelena
The brides babes - Bridal Party Goals - Decorations by Jelena
The Reception Room at Bendooley Estate - Decorations by Jelena
Wedding Reception Table Details - Decorations by Jelena
Reception entrace at Bendooley Estate - Decorations by Jelena